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Zapier is an online automation tool that connects different apps and automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build integration.


Zapier is a 3rd party that facilitates connecting the Football Prediction API with other apps without coding.

The frequency with which your zap runs can affect the number of requests you make to the Football Prediction API.

Depending on your Zapier plan and whether you keep your zaps running for the whole day you will make:

  • 15 minutes (default) = 96 requests / day

  • 5 minutes = 288 requests / day

Calculation method: (24 hours * 60 minutes) / zap run frequency

Check our plans for daily quotas and extra calls cost.

Our BASIC plan has a quota of 31 calls per month, that means that it should be used to preview what you can do with the API.

Lets get started

  • Choose Football Prediction API as a Trigger App

  • There are currently two supported triggers:

    • Prediction

      • triggers when a match is about to start in X minutes

      • you can filter by prediction market and / or federation

    • Tomorrow's Predictions

      • triggers in bulk when tomorrow's predictions are available (around midnight London Time)

      • you can filter by prediction market and / or federation

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