Connect to Zapier

Create credentials for Football Prediction API

  • Create a account and log in.

  • Check the details for our subscription plans and click subscribe to one that fits your needs.

  • Create a new RapidApi Project / App

  • Go to the endpoint documentation page select the RapidAPI project created at the step above and copy the X-RapidAPI-Key value from the Header Parameters section.

  • Make sure you copy the whole value from X-RapidApi-Key

Back to Zapier

Now you should be at the Choose Account stage in the creation of your first Football Prediction API trigger in Zapier

Click the Connect an Account button from the right-hand panel and a new window will pop-out.

Even though the Zapier interface says X-Mashape-Key it will work with the X-RapidAPI-Key.

Rapidapi has purchased Mashape and the header has changed from X-Mashape-Key to X-RapidAPI-Key but are compatible.

Paste your X-RapidAPI-Key into the text box and click Yes, Continue

Click the Test button to check the newly created account.

You should see a Success message if the authentication worked fine.

Now we're ready for some action, check the Recipes for some popular examples.

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